Geotechnical Material

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江苏洪嘉利土工合成材料有限公司(原常熟市支塘镇任阳顺风无纺布厂) 位于“中国无纺之乡”任阳,周边风景秀丽,环境优雅,与锡太公路、204国道、S224省道、S5常嘉高速相连接,交通十分便利。


Jiangsu Hongjiali geosynthetics Co. Ltd. and a subsidiary of Changshu branch town Renyang Xinsheng geotextile material factory is located in the "Chinese non-woven town Renyang, surrounding beautiful scenery and elegant environment, and Tin Road too, 204 State Road, provincial highway S224, S5 high-speed Ka connected, traffic is very convenient.

The company's main acupuncture non-woven geotextile composite geomembrane, HDPE geotechnical membrane, steel grating, biaxial plastic grille, uniaxial plastic geogrid, fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid and woven fabric, woven fabrics and other engineering materials.

The products are mainly used in road, railway, water conservancy, electricity, water and soil conservation and environmental greening and infrastructure, has been widely used in highway, railway and a number of domestic and foreign key projects by engineering experts and users alike, and in the country more than a dozen scientific design units, colleges and Universities to establish a close cooperative relations. Department of China geosynthetics Engineering Association and member of the Architectural Society of China.